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Travel risk management
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Who We Are

A Corporate Security Risk and Intelligence Company

What We Do

Worldwide security travel planning, risk assessments and in loco security services for organisations travelling to, operating in risk environments. Corporate Intelligence

Where We Work

Worldwide. Our HQ in Italy is the global hub of Temi Group International Travel Risk Management services, with hubs in all continents

We are a Travel Risk Management
and Corporate Intelligence Company

Pyramid International operating since 1978, based in Italy, working worldwide, a founder member of Temi Group International Swiss Verein, was rebranded to Pyramid Temi Group in 2016 in recognition of the ever expanding global nature of its development.

Management Team

Roger Warwick, CPP

Roger Warwick, CPP


Based in Italy, over 30 years’ experience in providing Corporate Security and Intelligence services.

Daniela Valenti

Daniela Valenti

Global Project Manager and Coordinator

Based in Italy, 20 years’ experience in security, 5 years in coordinating and managing global Travel Risk projects

Andy Williams, CCP

Andy Williams, CCP

Quality Assurance and Risk Assessment Executive

Based in Turkey, over 25 years’ experience as both Head of Corporate Security and as an external advisor. Andy is a Senior Partner of Temi Group.

What We Do

We supply in country corporate investigation services and worldwide Security Travel Planning, Risk Assessments and in loco Security Services to Europe’s major exporters wherever business takes them whatever the local difficulties.

Travel Security Management

  • Assistance for the organising of a Travel Risk Management Department
  • Training of in house and travelling staff
  • On Ground Support Services in High and Medium Threat Locations
  • Support Vehicles and Protection Officers
  • Country and Location Specific Risk Reports
  • Journey Management Plans
  • Crisis Management, Emergency and Evacuation Plans
  • Hotel and Travel assessments

Security Risk Assessment

  • Security Risk Assessments
  • Physical Security Surveys
  • Operational Procedure and Plan Evaluation
  • Security Organisational Review and Assessment
  • Security Design and Development
  • Security Training Evaluation and Courses

Compliance and Due Diligence

  • Compliance Risk Screening of Companies and Individuals
  • International Watch List Screening
  • Due Diligence Assessment of Companies and Individuals

How We Operate

Our offices in Italy are the global hub of Temi Group International Travel Risk Management services.
Our CEO is the Chairman of Temi Group International Swiss Verein.

All orders from clients, and feedback from our partners, are processed by multilingual management and staff, and developed in cooperation with our quality management department based in Istanbul, together with our Regional Hubs in all continents which, in turn, coordinate operations in their own geographical areas.
All services, worldwide, are provided in line with International Code of Conduct principles.

We assess our clients’ security needs, on a trip by trip, basis, and provide full turnkey assistance from pre-planning through to the safe return of travellers.


Pyramid Temigroup Worldwide

Credentials and Guarantees

The organisation

Pyramid Temi Group is certified to ANSI ASIS PSC1 2012, (The standard for Private Security Companies commissioned by the USA Department of Defence and recognised by ICoCA ( International Code of Conduct Association) as a requirement for becoming a full member.

Certification to ISO 18788 is pending.

DM.269/2010  The Italian Security and Investigations Licence. Pyramid has been awarded all 5 tiers of the licence.

Certified to Italian Environment,  Health and Safety requirements (D. lgs. 81/08)

We are founder members of ICoCA

We are insured with Lloyds of London against Professional Liability for all services provided worldwide.

Signatory of the “Singapore Declaration on Work-Related Travel Safety, Health and Security”


Pyramid management security  qualifications;

CPP  (Board certified in Security Management)

ISO 27001 (Information Security Management) Lead Auditor

ISO 28000 (Supply Chain Security Management) Lead Auditor

Exemplar Global Security Management Systems Lead Auditor and Skill Examiner.

Honorary Chair ASIS Chapter Italy and the ASIS European Liaison Sub Committee.

Get in touch

We are in the Central European Time Zone. Out of office hours, telephone calls are converted into email alerts and forwarded internally for immediate attention, if urgent.


Pyramid Temi Group S.r.l.
Address: Via Rivani 83, 40138 Bologna, IT
Phone: +39 051 531804